About Himalayan Women Crafts

Himalayan Women Crafts is a cluster of young womenfolk’s, from this tiny Himalayan State “Uttarakhand” India. This section of women folks is formed to support these young ladies to earn the financial support to their families, apart from inculcating a sense of self pride to serve to the cause of their meaningful worth of existence and to justify their means of purposefulness.

Following are the objectives of forming Himalayanwomencrafts :
  • To develop the sense of confidence among its members.
  • To uplift their pride in the eyes of their family and social circles.
  • To increase their social accountability.
  • To provide a relief to the weaker sections through proper training , financial support , advisory, and marketing platform.
  • Supporting the weaker members financially.
Himalayanwomencrafts, is a group of young and talented designers / Handicraft artisans associated with Fashion Design Council of Uttarakhand and UP. There is a process in which these talented folks are located , helped and trained by special session of training through experts from the relevant field , provided with all sorts of raw material, infrastructure and platform to show their skills and talents so that a unique product is developed. There all proto products are purchased so that appropriate marketing segments could be found out to help these womenfolk’s.

The money so earned is utilized for the following noble causes :
  • To help these womenfolk’s by supporting and rewarding their efforts with the appropriate quantum of price / profit.
  • To purchase the necessary inputs / machinery for the development of unique art and craft products.
  • To arrange the high class training for its designers/ craft women.
  • To take care of educational / vocational training needs of the wards of these poor village folks.
  • To take care of health problems of all the family members of these folks.
  • To award scholarships/ stipend to the talented children of these families.
  • To support handicap children by developing the craftsmanship skills among these masses so that those also could earn their respectful means of livelihood.
  • To support the womenfolk’s those are the victims of orthodoxies traditional social betrayal out of blind social / cultural fall outs.
  • To support the womenfolk’s of the state to earn self pride/ self independence and empowerment by breaking the social/ cultural barriers impeding their natural growth.
  • To help the weaker sections of women, particularly from the backward classes to meet their economic eventualities.